Pieter Stuurman

Working as self-employed therapist / mental coach. Writer for the magazines Gezond Verstand, De Andere Krant and many other hardcopy and digital publications. As content creator and guest connected to Café Weltschmerz.
A lifelong fascination for people, their way of thinking and acting, as well as on a individual as a collective level, is his main inspiration. Has published about subjects such as psychology, philosophy, monetary systems, history, power structures and their mechanisms, and ethical issues.
The current situation, is without a doubt the greatest crisis wherein mankind since a very long time (or perhaps even ever) has found itself, plays out on all aspects of the social and personal life of every earthling. This situation didn’t came out of nowhere in 2020, and knows a long preamble about which he has often published articles since 2006. Among others the intended restructuring of global civilization and digitally checked and governed world, without any room for ethical-humane aspects, which has been foreseen and well described by him at least 10 years before the start of the COVID-campaign.
The current crisis is not primarily a health crisis, a political crisis, a monetary crisis, or a economical crisis. Although all these aspects have played an important role, it is in essence a moral crisis. The crisis exposes how it really fairs with the common mentality of our species, and that it can only be conquered by a collective reflection on everything that matters to life, and what it means to be human, both in relation to ourselves and to each other.